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Customs Clearance & Equipment Service | Project logistics alliance

We are capable of providing Emergency transportation in need. We also have standby maintenance team 24×7 in case of any emergencies.We offer emergency ground transport service. We have a highly skilled inter-facility transport team dedicated to providing
We actively participate in the business of industrial fabrication and construction of camps and warehouses for different types of Multinational companies.We can offer fabrication needs for heavy industrial projects as well as for field site locations. Whe
We specialize in handling Project logistics of any location and sizeAs project managers or expert consultants, we handle logistics planning at all stages of the project cycle from site selection to Pre-FEED, FEED and final execution. We develop route plan
We offer Customs Clearance service to our customers by ensuring that we adhere to all procedures as per the rules and regulations applicable in Saudi Arabia.We provide advice to our clients needs on the policies and procedures as per stipulation by the Go
We have skilled workshop staff, assigned to handle the problems incurred during our fleets operations.
Various drilling rigs, plants and warehouses are in contract with our company for the past decade.
Our fleet is occupied with constant movement of delivering industrial goods and transportation from one corner to another corner of entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to neighbouring countries.Our fleet staff is well experienced, trained heavy drivers tha
Terminal handling and warehousing facilities are some of our services that we offer based on the requirement of the client.We operate our own terminal and warehousing facilities in Saudi Arabia. We are capable of meeting short and long-term storage requir
We provide both Domestic and International TransportationLand transportation is at the core of our logistics services, which are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ supply chain across many industries.We provide our customers with the ability to re

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